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Special focus of the company is supply of machinery, tools and equipment and full production lines according customer orders. We supply machines and equipment from Europe, machinery and equipment from China, machines and equipment from America.

The long experience of the company in the market of machinery and equipment shows that traders often deal with simple re-selling of equipment and in fact are they are just a barrier to the purchase of equipment between the customer and the manufacturer.

Trading companies bear little responsibility for the delivered equipment are provided "paper" guarantees.

The level of technical literacy of trading company specialists  can not be compared with the experts of the manufacturer.

The level of trade margins is not determined by the production cost but by the desire to maximize profits from a single deal.

Our company helps clients to establish direct communication with the factories. Obtain equipment and warranty service directly from the factory, bypassing the chain of intermediaries. It  provides appropriate care for machinery and project, direct support of manufacture professionals and save cost.

ICL company since 2001 engaged in supply of machinery , full production lines, special machines, batch processing of non-standard equipment and many other machinery from China and Europe and America.

On request, we can set up after sales and after service guarantee support and supply spare parts directly from the factory.