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доставка грузов из китая

To run every day  foreign trade activity, many commercial companies spend a lot of time, manpower and considerable capital that hit their competitiveness in key sphere.

At the same time, in order to organize the delivery of goods from China, USA or Europe, it is not necessary to create its own network of logistics and a fleet of vehicles.

Specialized in the contract outsourcing we can offer you complete solutions for business logistics tasks that will solve all your problems of foreign economic activity!


ICL Group offers to its clients and partners integrated management of their foreign trade activities and is ready to take full responsibility for foreign trade activity.

We can solve local problems - for example, to set up the delivery of goods from China, the U.S. and Europe, but also are able to offer the full package of services to outsource foreign trade activity: monitor the markets and look for suppliers of goods, maintain production and auditing of foreign partners to provide comprehensive support to  your business abroad and to organize any kind of international transportation.

ICL Group offers logistics outsourcing  of FEA to its customers in the way of:

Sourcing and procurement of any type of products.

Search and audit of manufacturers of goods in China, America and Europe;

Negotiating with vendors, procurement of experienced and consignments around the world;

Outsourcing the production of goods in China and Southeast Asia;

Legal, financial and accounting support of economic activity;

Provision and delivery of cargoes from China and cargoes from America;

Delivery of equipment from China, Europe and America;

Travel and visit the exhibitions in China;



сборные грузы из Китая,США,Германии

We are also ready to organize the delivery LCL Goods to the ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk, to ensure completion of all legal procedures and customs clearance for your goods. You will only hire our company for  needed period of time to solve FEA tasks and use them to develop an optimized delivery of goods from all over the world.



We offfer:

Complete solutions in the field of foreign trade, logistics planning, unified management and re-engineering that will dramatically increase your competitive advantage, reduce production and transportation costs, increase control over the flow of goods.

Our FEA management can be both temporary and permanent - it all depends on your business goals and budget.

You keep on managing your FEA with the help of our professionals and have control over work and overall strategy of the business.

We will take care of most of the technical, legal and other FEA  routine questions on base of  "door to door" delivery, providing supply chain and merchandising, inventory optimization.

Our contract management FEA will allow you to free up your time, labor and working capital in order to redirect them to the management of the core business activities of your company!

The company ICL Group - one of the leading providers of contract outsourcing market, offering large and small commercial companies of Russia complete solutions for trust management of foreign economic activity (FEA). We take on some of the delegated functions to maintain our customers' business with foreign customers and provide complete external logistics management of partner companies, including the delivery of cargoes from the U.S., Europe and China.




ICL logistics solutions and integrated contract services