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The company ICL Group - a leading provider of contract logistics, offering services to large and small companies in Russia and Europe and provides complete solutions for procurement and logistic activities. You can delegate us the activity of sourcing and procurement in China, America and Europe, we  can make market search and make purchase of goods for your need and offer a range of ready-made solutions for logistics outsourcing.


The emergence in Russia of contract logistics services and rapid development of logistics outsourcing market was caused by the rapid growth of the domestic business and  international business relationships. It needs fast establishing ties with foreign partners to improve the competitiveness of Russian companies.


Monitoring of foreign markets, search for foreign producers and market products - quite complex business tasks for which commercial companies are forced to hire professionals and invest big financial resources.


However, there is a simple solution to optimize its own logistics for companies, especially small and medium-sized importers - Contract Logistics (logistics outsourcing), which is an effective optimization service offered by ICL Group.



логистический аутсорсинг

The company ICL Group works many years in the market, and performs contract logistics functions that are delegated by its partner companies seeking to optimize their supply chains and save internal resources of company  and concentrate on their key business activity.


ICL provides logistics outsourcing and undertake the optimization of some commodity supply and transport of goods to the customer or to undertake the full range of logistics, offering customers a ready-made logistics solutions, which are designed by us for many years working in this business. The company ICL in terms of the service contract logistics offers a range of turnkey solutions, which includes:


Evaluation and audit logistics capabilities of the client, its optimization;

Development of an integrated logistics system with the restructuring of the existing logistics chains;

Search manufacturers in China, Europe, America,

Monitoring of production manufacturing plants;

Search products in China, America, Europe, and find the best suppliers of those goods;

The study of merchantability, procurement of prototypes and commercial batches;

Negotiating with suppliers and the signing of contracts for the supply;

Procurement of goods in China, America and Europe on the basis of in-depth analysis of existing markets .


Having in mind your financial and operational capacity, we develop a convenient and effective strategy for working with foreign partners so that your competitive advantage grew significantly, and your company was able to take on the domestic market as a profitable business "niche"




Contract logistics of the company ICL Group will allow our customers to:


Optimize relationships with foreign partners and to opt for the best of them;

Forego the development and ongoing maintenance of its own structure to save cost and time, hiring external logistics operator for the required period of time;

Keep on controlling your logistics strategies and implement transparent control over the activities of the logistics operator;

Reduce the financial cost, labor  cost and time investment in a sustainable system of logistics, forwarding them to key business objectives of the company.



ICL logistics solutions and integrated contract services